What's Frictionless?

I'm Aaron Mahnke.

I originally conceived of Frictionless as a state of mind and a call to arms. Friction is resistance. It's all that stuff that holds us back from our true potential. The things that get in the way. The broken systems that trip us up. Mistakes we make.

Friction sucks.

Frictionless exists to offer solutions to some of the most frustrating aspects of running a business. Paper tools that help you stay organized. Field guides that show you how to be a better freelancer. Even the occasional article to encourage you to do more, better.

Look around. Try a product or three. And above all, find some friction in your life and get rid of it. If you need some assistance doing that, I'm here to help. Just use the handy form to the right and let me know what I might be able to do for you.


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