Be Specific

My father used to drive a van that advertised every single carpentry service he offered. It took up nearly all of the van's ample size, covering an area of nearly 6 feet by 9 feet. He assumed that when he drove down the streets in town, people would see their dream service and call to hire him. Instead, they saw a mass of white letters blurred by motion.

The idea is that you'll miss potential clients if you don't list out specifically what they might want you to do for them. But I can say from years of experience that this isn't way clients call me up. They call or email because they've heard great things about me, or have seen some of my work (often it's both), and they want to ask if I might be able to help them with their own unique problem.

The less you list on your Services page, the more opportunity you create. Be specific about a few things, and leave the rest up to the potential clients to request. This allows you to discern the needs of the moment, rather than lock yourself into the needs you invented months or years ago.