Caring Less

Something I've noticed, so it's at least true for me, and perhaps true for you as well, is that the harder I work, the less I care about "fluff". Let me unpack that. When I was less busy (something out of my control, mind you), I had time for things like Twitter, Apple rumor articles, photos of neatly organized offices and large libraries full of books. I could spend 30 minutes or more starring at images of clean desks and brushed aluminum unibody laptop chassis. I had time on my hands, and I spent that time finding things to care about.

Now that I'm pushing through the busiest phase of my professional career, those interests have fallen away. I don't care anymore. In the moment, they all seemed important. Now, in retrospect, they seem barren of meaning and weight. I have work to get done, and a limited amount of time to do it in. When the plane is losing altitude, sometimes you have to throw out the fancy, comfortable seats and crates of Kickstarter stickers to help stay above the ground.