Dear Freelancer

Dear Freelancer,

You get up each day and hit the grind without a boss to guide you. You set goals, chase them down like cat chasing a squirrel, and never let up until you reach them. You know yourself well enough to commit to responsibilities that depend on your very best efforts, day after day.

You bet your livelihood, and sometimes that of your family, on your ability to get things done. You talk to strangers, believe that people you've never met will send you real money, and abuse substances (namely sugar and caffeine). These are things we teach our kids to never do, but you've somehow turned them into an art that generates results.

You do a dozen things you hate – like bookkeeping and networking events – just so you can do that one thing you love. You look toward the future more than anyone I know. You only let the past serve as a reminder of past success, not a source of fear and doubt. You have courage and faith.

You've chosen a career that is absent of any false sense of security. You go without sleep and food to please your clients. You believe so much that hoodies are here to stay that you've bought a dozen. You have a light footprint and incredible flexibility, and this makes you so much more attractive to your clients than the Big Boys.

Don't give up. Sure, there are always going to be bad days. But those are mere islands in a Sea of Awesome that laps against your bare feet. Wiggle your toes and enjoy it.

You're appreciated.