Sometimes things don't go according to plan. I recently spent my Sunday morning sitting in an auto repair shop having a flat tire replaced. It was not something I had scheduled, though. So, how do we recover from emergencies like this? When it's a financial emergency, we tend to borrow the funds and then work hard to pay it back. But where do we "borrow" time?

If it's one lost hour, I try to find that hour elsewhere. When I lose an hour of work, I will sacrifice an hour after the kids go to bed and crank out some work. If it was family time, that's harder, but I would find the time somewhere.

The key isn't where you find the time, it's finding the time at all. Some people move on as if nothing has become more urgent. They just allow their list of tasks to become overdue. But that only adds stress and unnecessary urgency.

Carve out the time to catch up outside of your normal schedule. It will preserve your plans and maintain your timelines. It's not easy, but it's the best path.