Delight Leads to Success

It's a common idea that the more successful you are, the more delighted you become. You enjoy life more. Things are going well and life is good, right? But the secret to getting to your goals is to reverse that order. Running a freelance design business means I work with a lot of clients. One of the biggest goals I reach for each day is to delight my clients. Beating a self-set deadline and surprising the client with their artwork earlier than expected. Delivering more than they asked for in their logo files. Bumping up the shipping speed on their print order to get it to them early. All of these things help my clients feel delighted.

The happier I make my clients, the more likely they are to tell others about me. The more often I exceed their expectations, the better a value they perceive in my services. It's not deception; I'm still doing the hard work and delivering the goods, on-time and on-target. But by beating a few metrics that are important to the client, I end up delighting them.

Go delight a client today. You'll turn them into a fan, rather than a customer. Fans reproduce, and that's really good for business, no matter what you do.