Explore Your Tools

My little girls are out back playing in a small wading pool that my in-laws set up in the grass. My oldest is 4, and the youngest is 2.5, and to keep them occupied in the water, my wife has dumped a ton of kitchen items in with them. There's a turkey baster, some measuring cups, a spoon and an empty mustard bottle. Pretty mundane stuff, for sure. But rather than use them as they were intended, my kids are inventing new uses for them.

My oldest is filling the mustard bottle underwater and watching the bubbles float out. Her sister is filling the turkey baster and spraying the water up into the air (she's makin' it rain up in here!). They're unaware of how their tools are supposed to work, and instead are making up new functions for them.

One way to get really good at accomplishing things each day is to examine your tools and find new uses for them. The fewer tools you need to have around, the faster you can work. Complexity leads to failure and inefficiency.

I don't know what your tools are, but I'm sure you can find new uses for them. And when you do, maybe that will retire other tools you used to depend on. Find the redundancies and remove them. Explore your tools. Get creative. And then get some work done.