I'll Think About It

My buddy Michael Schechter has experienced over and over my tendency to respond to most requests with the phrase, “I’ll think about it”. I say it all the time. Someone might propose a new idea about how to solve Problem X, and I’ll respond with that phrase. It’s not a tactic to avoid the issue, though I know some people do that. They’ll say something similar to “I’ll think about it” to end the conversation or satisfy the speaker. They’ll use it as a chance to put off a conversation they don’t really want to have. For me, though, the wait is the best part.

When I take the time to think something through before acting, I guarantee a few things. I guarantee that when I finally make the decision, I will be happy with it and have no regrets. I guarantee that I will be making far more safe and risk-free decisions since I have bought myself time to think through every angle. I also make sure that I’ve thought through the “now what” issues that every decision brings up.

I believe that people should be slow to speak, and even slower to say “yes”. I believe that our commitments mean something. I believe that people can mitigate regret by taking a moment to think things through, rather than leaping first and then looking around.

Think about it. Every time you need to make a decision, think about it. Not for a moment. Not for a day. Step away and end the conversation and find the time to process your dilemma from head to toe. Then, and only then, are you ready to give an answer.