Declare Independence

When we think of fresh starts, we typically think of January 1st. Each year, millions of people make resolutions for the coming year, promising to lose weight, stop smoking, or dump that lazy boyfriend. Gym memberships go up, dating sites have record months, people actually start to see results—for a while, at least.

By the middle of the year, most of those promises are forgotten, though. Habits are hard to give up, and minds change very slowly. But I would like to propose a second chance date for everyone who failed to make a change: July 4.

The Fourth of July has great potential to help us change. At its core, it’s a holiday that celebrates freedom, change, and breaking out to go it alone. In some ways, it’s the perfect holiday for freelancers. We’re naturally independent, we love the freedom that comes from working for ourselves, and we are small, lithe businesses that can make changes instantly.

So, use your time off today to commit to greater independence in some area of your life—personally or professionally.Maybe it’s iIndependence from laziness. Perhaps you need to declare independence from your full-time employer. You might need to declare independence from debt, or from mediocrity, or from fear.

Whatever it might be, you (and only you) control your destiny. Stop living in captivity and put a plan in place today to find new freedom. Write down your goals, break them into manageable, reachable steps, and then start your journey.

There’s no time like today to move toward independence.