I can juggle three objects at once. Tennis balls, wooden blocks, even apples. And if I'm juggling apples, I can take a bite out of one while maintaining the other two. The kids love it. And I think a lot of people wish they could juggle because it's so cool to watch. But juggling should never come into the office with you. Don't try to manage email, a web design layout and listening to a podcast all at the same time. Your brain can't handle all of that and still keep the quality level high. It's a myth that successful people multitask all day. They don't; successful people focus on each task sequentially, pour everything they have into the job, and then move on to the next item.

Juggle for your kids, sure. But when it comes to your client's work, don't juggle anything. Grab one item, focus, and do your best with it. That's how you succeed.