Keep the Momentum

Most freelancers stop knocking on doors and looking for work when things are going great. It's easy to let go when the schedule is full and we're too busy to manage those promotions and job hunts. I've been there. When we relax our efforts, though — the efforts that made us busy in the first place — we hurt our future. Work secured now will be tackled later, like food bought at the grocery store in anticipation of wanting to eat later in the month.

If you only shop for food when you're hungry, you'll always be hungry. Planning out your meals even when you're full means that you'll be prepared for when you need to eat. In the same way, lining up work in the middle of a big project means that you have work waiting for you after the current gig ends.

Keep cranking the wheels and moving forward. Momentum is your secret to a healthy freelance business.