Love Your Tools

Nothing makes working the daily grind more insufferable and frustrating than having to use tools you hate, or at least aren’t completely satisfied with. Sometimes it’s out of your hands because your profession or employer requires a certain tool to be used. Often, though, you are in control.

My favorite tools are my computer, my notebook, my pen and my headphones. I searched high and low to find the perfect pen for my tastes[1], and went as far as to design my own notebook from scratch[2].

Look at the essential items in your tool kit and decide which ones you aren’t happy with. Then go find replacements that you will be more than happy to use. They happier you can be with your tools, the more you will enjoy your job.

  1. My choice is the Uni-ball Signo, .24, in black
  2. I sell them in pads, though I bind loose-leaf versions with the Levenger Circa system for my own personal use.