Make More Money

I work for myself. That means if I don't care about growing my business, my paychecks suck. My guess is, if your income depends on your own hard work, you'd probably want increase it. Come on, admit it. It doesn't make you greedy; it means you enjoy supporting your family and not living in debt. So, lets talk about money.

I've noticed that three things have helped me earn a bit more and ride out the rough months when work is more scarce.

First, charge more for your services. Duh, right? But while this seems obvious, most people don't do it. Why? Maybe they don't think they're worth it, or maybe they're afraid clients will run away screaming. Whatever the reason, they're wrong.

Bump up your package prices and hourly rates. Not only will you make more, but you might just land more clients. This might be hard to believe, but some people are put off by cheap prices. They think it means the services are of a low quality. A rate hike just might help them see the value you bring to the table.

Second, make your deliverables super clear. If you don't spell out exactly what your clients will get for their money, they will expect more than you planned on giving. And that hurts your income.

The more time you spend doing revisions on a project with no clear hourly limits, the lower your hourly rate becomes. It's simple math: a $500 gig that takes you 10 hours nets you $50 per hour. If it takes 20 hours, you're down to $25 per hour.

When we make it clear what the client gets for their money – "no more and no less than X" – we protect our hourly rate and prevent projects from eating up our schedules that could be opened up to other paying work.

Third, if you want to earn more, make sure you delight your clients. Give them more than they expected. Under-promise and over-deliver, on both timing and quality.

Turning in the final deliverables early can't help but please your client, and when you go above and beyond their requests, that's where delight starts.

Not only will these clients be more likely to come back and hire you again, but they will be a lot more likely to mention you to their friends and colleagues who need your help. A big sign of a healthy business is whether or not clients create more clients for you. It's a better growth strategy than any marketing campaign, hands-down.

The best part of these three tips is that there's nothing sneaky going on. You don't have to play some marketing game or fool your clients. You just need to do great work and be smart about how you run your business.

It works for me. Go ahead, give it a try.