My Important Numbers

I track a few different numbers each day in my business:

  • I track the percentage of my monthly goal that I have currently invoiced for the month.
  • I track the percentage of my yearly goal that I have invoiced so far, and whether or not that number puts me ahead of schedule or behind.
  • How many of my clients this month were brand new, and where did they come from?

These are mile-markers for me. I can know at a glance if I’m winning the race (against myself), or if I need to speed up and double my efforts to fill my schedule. What’s my motivation? Feeding my family (believe me, few people get rich doing freelance graphic design). And that’s all the motivation I need.

What numbers do you need to track each day or month or year in order to take the pulse of your business? Figure that out, set up a system to make it easy and then commit to it. You’ll love the results.