Pack for Success

My wife's father does a lot of hiking. He recently had to plan and pack for a hike up over 20,000 feet to Machu Picchu, and it was interesting to hear his plans. His goal was to make it to the finish line alive, uninjured and not overly exhausted. To do so meant only packing the essentials. Everything was chosen with thought and consideration for its contribution to the goal. If it got in the way, it had to go.

Shipping a product is like packing for a long hike. You need laser-like focus to grab only the essentials and nothing more. Otherwise you’re overburdened and you just won’t make it.

We can become obsessed with tools, or fall for gimmicks and tricks. We tend to look for shortcuts and cheats to get to the goal faster or cheaper, and end up wasting resources and weakening our offering. We do it with the best intentions, but that doesn't make it wise.

There is no easy path to shipping something. There's no magic pill or perfect tool that will speed up your steps. There's just hard work, lots of sleepless nights and a drain on one or more of your limited resources (time, energy and money).

You can only reach your goal when you say no to the things that will hold you back. Learn to pack efficiently, and you'll make it.