Pay Attention

Business is organic. It’s not a robotic “set it and forget it” kind of activity. Every day is different and the work you’ll do can vary from moment to moment. My freelancing work varies each day, but it also shifts and changes over time. The types of work that are needed by most clients can shift and grow and alternate. Maybe you spend months and months doing editing on manuscripts, only to have that fade out while copy writing work begins to flow in. It’s the way things work.

One way to manage this is to just do the daily work and then think nothing more about it. This keeps you in the moment, with your head down and eyes focused on the needs at hand.

Another way is to use your intuition and take notice of shifts in the greater patterns of your business. Are your requests for portrait photography up by 200% this summer? Perhaps you should reach out and market that service to anyone who will listen.

Tap into the shifting currents in the market and ride the waves. Stay anchored to a core profession, but allow yourself to drift between key services as the tides of business ebb and flow.

Pay attention to what’s been going on, not just what’s happening right now.