The beauty of the Great Pyramids is in the distribution on effort. The lower portions took much longer to construct, while the portions higher up took less and less time the higher they soared. It must have been frustrating to build, though, since much of the work and effort resulted in a very wide, very short structure. Thankfully, the workers didn’t give up.

Sometimes it feels like we are going no where. We write consistently on our blog, land more and more clients, and put up with month after month of lackluster sales. We wonder if things will ever change. We wonder if it might be better to give up.

Big things need big foundations, and those take time. Remember that the time you are putting in isn’t being wasted. It’s building experience, seasoning you and making you stronger so that you can reach higher than before.

Every brick, every hour, every project moves us upward. Some just feel more important than others. Don’t believe that lie.