Shipping Despite Yourself

My wife's father is about to climb to Machu Picchu. He's very good at this kind of thing. For a man in his late sixties he constantly amazes me with the adventures he agrees to attempt. He understands that much of the hike is mental. There is the risk of doubt, fear and resignation. He has the physical aspects mastered, as if the climb itself is already done. He alone is the only person who can get in his way now.

Taking an idea and turning it into a product that you actually ship is like climbing a mountain: the real struggle is against yourself, not the rock. Guiding an idea from the confines of our mind out into the real world is a muscle we were born to flex, though too often we choose to bury its voice beneath mountains of doubt, distraction and despair.

Conquering your doubt and fear will remove your biggest obstacle to shipping.