The Essential Office

I work in a home office, and I’m surrounded by all of the office things you might expect. It is easy to see all of them as essential to my job. I would be wrong to think that, though. The best way to have a true view of what is essential is to pack up and leave. Commit to working from a new space for three days. Maybe a café or a local library will do. Just pick a spot and pack to go there.

You’ll find that you don’t actually need a lot. There are a lot of ‘comfort tools’ that get left behind, but the items you take are indispensable. This stuff is your office; the rest of the things are nice luxuries.

Declutter so you can focus. Simplify so you can move faster. Trim down your tools to help you get creative and free yourself to move. More things means more complexity. Aim for simplicity instead.