The Priorities of My Daily Schedule

I build my daily schedule around a few key priorities. Your mileage may vary, but these principles help me get more done. In order of importance, here's what I tackle each day:

  1. Daily tasks: these are the small little items I need to take care of each day. Recording payments, sending invoices, checking email, etc.
  2. Most urgent small task: I say "small" because it allows me to get something important under my belt before the day really gets rolling and crazy.
  3. Most urgent large task:  Now I take care of the most urgent big item on my list. It might take me two or three hours, but it needs done before lunch.
  4. Everything else.

Sticking to those items, in that order, is what helps me get the most out of each day. Find what works for you, but find a system and stick to it for a while. Examine the results, adjust your settings, and then try again.