The Wanderer

A traveler without a destination is a wanderer. Wanderers waste effort and time and resources in their quest to go…somewhere. They are the most inefficient travelers in existence. No one decides to be a wanderer, though. It happens when they lose their destination. They have no plan, no goal, no reason. Wanderers don't wander because they are lost; people wander because they've lost their focus.

As a freelancer, you are a traveler. You will go places, do things and accomplish an enormous list of tasks over the course of your career. But if you aren't careful, you might become the worst of travelers. Without a goal, every day becomes the same. Punch in, punch out. Do the job and go home. Rinse and repeat. It's a life without a destination.

Don't wander. Set long-term goals, and then a ton of sub-goals to get you there. Then use each day as a vehicle to move you forward toward a specific place, idea, achievement or state. Holding that target in your mind is what keeps you from wandering around for weeks or months.

Don't be a wanderer.