Every day we wake up, we pick up the threads from the day before and carry on the work we set down earlier. Threads can be projects, dreams, conversations or relationships. We always have many threads in our hands, whether we see them or not.

Some days find us tying off a thread and anchoring it in that day. The project is done and will be worked on no more. The relationship has ended. The thread has reached its end.

Some days we see a thread we know we will have to grab hold of soon. A new responsibility. A phone call to make. A chore to complete. Those are threads that are not yet, but will be.

Most days, though, are just spent managing the threads we are holding. Does this thread need to be picked up tomorrow? Did I give that thread enough attention? Our days are filled with thread management.

Everything we do, say, think and feel is a thread. The better we get at managing them, tying off the finished ones and grabbing hold of the newly discovered ones, the better we get at life, business, and friendship.