Trim the Fat

Financial experts will tell you that the best way to keep your finances healthy is to know where your money goes. When you actually see how much you spend each month, it can open your eyes to all the ways you can improve your money habits. It's easy to forget about a few trips to the ice cream shop, but when you see their impact on your credit card statement, the truth is evident. And convicting. I treat my time the same way. At the end of each day, I look over my day's plan to see if I failed to complete any tasks and why. I also look for tasks that took far longer than I had expected. I want to see how I spent my time, and if there are missed opportunities to tighten up my spending. I want to squeeze the most of out each day.

If you are planning out each day the night before (and of course you are, right?), then you are fighting half the battle. The other half is reviewing your behavior and refining your decisions.

Trim the fat from your budget and discover a new level of productivity.