Tunnel Vision Killed the Freelance Star

I’m a designer. By rights, I really only need to understand how to create artwork for my clients. I simply need to know how to open Illustrator or Photoshop and design the solution to my client’s problem. I can, if I want to, insulate myself from everything else. I believe that freelancers should know more, though. We should have a good understanding of the fields that our own profession brushes up against. For example, understanding how a developer slices and codes artwork for websites can help me build better art files for them. Understanding the publishing process helps me create better book covers. Touring a printer’s facilities and talking to their pre-press crew helps me create better print designs.

Could I chose to keep my head in the tunnel? Sure, that’s my right. But I would be holding myself back if I did that. As freelancers, our goal should always be to increase our usefulness and be more holistic in our skills.

Tunnels might be about focus, but they are also about limits. Don’t hold yourself back. Get out of the tunnel.