Wear Pants

Most freelancers work from home. There’s a myth that when you freelance from home, you can work in your pajamas and slippers. Depending on the weather, you can wear more or less, evidently. It’s like the intimates department at Sears mixed with The Office, or something like that. Reality, though, is much less comfortable. As a freelancer, I might have to head out to take care of a last-minute meeting with a client, run a deposit to the bank or attend a networking event. These activities, contrary to popular belief, require pants.

Wear pants, folks. Dress for work at home as if you were going to a office. It might not be the most comfortable option (flannel pants and bunny slippers are, according to the most recent research available, more comfortable than denim), but it’s the most professional. And whether or not you buy the “appearances matter” argument, it’s a law of nature.

Dress for the success you want.