What Are You Worth?

The American writer and poet Edgar Allen Poe was paid a whopping $9 for his masterpiece, The Raven.


Two thoughts: first, Poe obviously didn't ask for enough compensation, and second, being amazingly talented does not guarantee financial success.

Are you asking for enough money in return for your services? That's a tough pill to swallow, because if you say "yes", then you set a limit on yourself. If you say "no", however, you then have to suck it up and actually ask for more. Not fun, however you slice it.

You might be extremely gifted and highly trained at what you do. You might be the best there is. You might look around you at other who do the same work and laugh inside because you can complete work of twice the quality in half the time. But it certainly doesn't guarantee that you will earn more than them.

What are you worth? Figure that out, and then go and ask for it.