What's Your Purpose?

The next most important thing to having a goal is to have a purpose. Why do you do the things you do? What drives you to make the choices you make? How are you wired? What is the reason for all of the motion and action you do each day? Are you merely flailing your limbs and running in place, or is there a purpose for every movement? The best way to discover the answer is to look backward. What lessons can you pull from your experiences? What were the elements of your job that brought you the most joy and fulfillment? In what settings did you come alive? What type of project makes you smile every time a client brings one to you?

Image two photographers in a room together. One bills himself as a "portrait photographer", and the other speaks about herself as "a photographer who is committed to capturing the beauty and awe of everyday life". What's more appealing to you?

Your purpose is the story, written by your past, that informs your journey into the future.

Know yourself. Know your motivations and reactions and resonations. Be self-aware and driven to tapping their information to hack your future.