Frictionless Field Guides

The Frictionless Field Guides are short, sweet ebooks designed to help you remove friction from specific areas of your business. There's always room to grow, and these books are a great way to make that happen.

Future books are currently being written, so be sure to check back often. Or, sign up below to be notified via email when a new release is imminent.

The Freelancer's Guide to Productivity
by Aaron Mahnke

Learn how to hack your productivity to get more client work done.

The Freelancer's Guide to Clients
by Aaron Mahnke

Clients are the life-blood of your business. Learn how to find and nurture them.

The Freelancer's Guide to Getting Paid
by Aaron Mahnke

Learn how to charge what you're worth—and get paid.


The Freelancer's Guide to Communication
by Aaron Mahnke

Master communication principles that help prevent mistakes and frustration.

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